Interactive Micro Aerial Robot Swarm 2017

3 Days Seminar + Laboratory organized at University Campus Savona on 20 – 21 -22 February 2017

Three days to describe the ecosystem relationships, thanks to artistic, scientific and technological research.

Define the ecosystem relationships between artistic, scientific and technological research: swarms of drones for aerial choreography inspired by the bee orientation dance.

The event offered a transdisciplinary path for a group made up of artists, designers, scientists, technologists and intellectuals.

The three days saw the alternation of interventions by some of the leading exponents of research in Italy, and laboratory sessions conducted by the founders of LuminousBees, to learn the technologies involved in the project.

The goal is that the intersection between theoretical and practical approach develops both the technical knowledge and the analytical thinking of the participants, around the topics explored: Biologic Inspired Swarm Robotics and prototyping of swarms of micro drones with IOT technologies and data analysis techniques and data visualization, for the expression of choreography and interactive, visual and sound languages, of aerial performance. In particular, the study of the bee will be addressed, intended as an example of an excellent nature for the survival of the species, as a single Superorganism.

The participants in this edition were the first to have contributed to the definition of the ecosystem relationships of the LuminousBees hardware and software platform.

20 / 21 / 22 full program

Luminous Bees. Dancing among art, science and technology by Noemalab

Videos by Lab Audiovideo Buster Keaton