Indoor Positioning System

Beacon and Tag with external compass

Our Ultra Wide Band indoor positioning system is not as good as a motion capture system, but it’s:

  • precise, starting from a 10cm error that can be tuned down to 3-5cm
  • scalable, has no bottleneck on number of trackable objects
  • light, the payload is less than 8 grams
  • flexible, it can be set up to track in non square rooms or around obstacles
  • and last but not least, it is way more cheaper than a mocap system

positioning error < 10cm

We want to share this solution and to improve it further. We’re launching soon a Kickstarter campaign to produce this system with your help together with the micro drone ArduBee. We are refining this technology with all the bells and whistles, from a software tool for the initial setup to a beacon holder design.