We are an international team composed by experts in Art, Media and Design Research, utilised as catalysts for Science and Technology Innovation. We produce Interactive Audiovisual Shows in the Aerial Public Space,  indoor and outdoor, based on the belief “Air” is part of the heritage of humanity and of all living things.

We are based in Genoa in Italy, and the Department of Dibris  (Computer Science and Technology, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering) of the University of Genoa (IT) is our main partner. We work in connection with its community of researchers, students, and with CIMA, an International Centre on Environmental Monitoring in the fields of Civil Protection, Disaster Risk Reduction and Biodiversity. Moreover, since seven years, we manage a breeding of beekeeping at the Natural Reserve Verdemare, between Cogoleto and Varazze, and it’s from this passionate experience that our project takes its first inspiration.

LuminousBees is a hardware and software platform able to manage aerial micro robots based on the study of the biology of swarm of animals, in particular the one of bees: the robotic swarm simulates the flight, the language, and dance of bees, translating it into lights and sounds, in order to share this knowledge interactively with the public.

We daydream thinking about the antique tradition of fireworks shows, but we design them with the latest generation of digital and IOT technologies, and data visualisation techniques and applications. Each aerial robot that we build is equipped with a customized system composed by lights, audio and environmental sensors. This allows the swarm to be interconnected via different devices, such as mobile phones, desktops and wearable hardware, with a wide number of users in real time.

The dance of honeybee holds key to survival: the superorganism bee represents the importance of the connection between different entities as part of the same orchestra, like it happens in Artificial Intelligence. At the same level our methodology of Research, and Business Model rely on our ability in growing a network of collaborations: we work internationally with experts from Universities, Academies, Maker Communities, Aircraft Modelling, Arts, Theatre, Music, Sport, Environment Research, Entertainment, Brand Exhibit, Gaming, etc., in order to enhance the growing of the nascent new era of low proximity Aerial Media Arts worldwide. Our purpose is to open the Research Centre A.M.A., Aerial Media Arts, to enable users from every level to develop and implement the uses and application of our LB platform.