Our fleet of light performing copters is based on our optimized and finest design that every day has proven its abilities at work. We continue to do our best to enhance the tools and improve the quality and performance of our swarming choreography.

This is the final weight with battery and indoor localization addon (212g)

This extreme lightness gives to the LuminousBee4 so relevant flight times and vibrant flight characteristics that we built our complete ecosystem for indoor and outdoor swarm applications around it.

Hover time:

2 x 18650 3600mAh 45 min small battery pack

2 x 21700 5000mAh more than 1h big battery pack

GPS RTK Ublox F9 perfect integration

F4 MCU flight control with SD card

Single PCB

BlHeli 32 with telemetry
DSHOT up to 1200 / DSHOT 2400 HW